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Prophet (Papa) Victor K. Boateng
Called into ministry almost two decades ago, Prophet (Papa) Victor K. Boateng has been and continues to be a gift to the BODY OF CHRIST. He started by preaching in the market places, schools, villages and mini crusades all across Ghana. He has come so far into the office of an Apostle, Prophet, Pastor and a teacher by the grace of God.

With a STRONG PROPHETIC MANTLE, he has touched lives and unlocked mysteries in the destinies of many lives and families in diverse mission fields across the length and breadth of the earth. In a wave of strong worship, he draws in the power of the Holy Spirit that affects his audience positively; breaking yokes and bringing healing and deliverance. His very life is a testimony and hope for the hopeless.

Born into a very poor family and with a very low educational background, he has been able to hold on to the altar and these challenges could not limit his capabilities. He was broke, rejected, misunderstood, homeless and disregarded for many years after which God changed his story for the better.

He has a strong passion for the poor, hopeless and destitute. He thus aims at equipping people to discover their talents and gifts to fulfill their God given assignment. No wonder he gave birth to Home of Destiny, an NGO whose aim is to feed, cloth, educate, shelter and heal the outcasts and hopeless. His passion is seeing smiles on the faces of people. He submits to the Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams (Apostle of Strategic Prayer) He is married to Anita and is blessed with three beautiful girls, Breanna (Honorable), Beyonce (Beyond others) and Breindelle (Blessing).

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